Heavy Construction Contractors Association

HCCA Leadership Institute

Construction Leadership Development Program

The HCCA Leadership Institute (HLI) offers an expansive view of the construction industry through the expertise of industry leaders. The 8-month leadership development program is centered around communication and community service.

Each session will be held in seminar format, focusing on public speaking and interaction with construction industry leaders while travelling the HCCA Membership to experience the many facets of the industry.

Each HLI class is tasked with leading and completing an annual community service project. The HLI culminates with a brief presentation to the membership and is celebrated through a graduation ceremony.

The class is limited to 12 participants, who are both established and emerging leaders, from large and small businesses. The class will meet once monthly from 11:30AM to 4:00PM at various venues throughout Northern Virginia.

Tuition for the HLI program is $1,500. If accepted and enrolled into the program, your organization will be obligated for the full tuition fee, payable upon receipt of invoice. Tuition covers all program costs.