Heavy Construction Contractors Association

Categories of Membership

  • Contractor Membership: Individuals and organizations that engage directly in the construction of roads, utilities and other infrastructure and who have been in business for at least one year. Such members are allowed to vote and hold positions as Officers, members of the Board of Directors and all Committees. Annual dues are $2400.
  • Service/Product Membership: Individuals and organizations involved in the distribution, manufacture or supply of materials, products or services used in the construction industry and who have been in business for at least one year. Such members are allowed to vote and serve as members of the Board of Directors and all Committees. Annual dues are $2400.
  • Business/Utility Membership: Individuals and organizations whose line of business would generally be considered as professional and whose services are therefore more of intellectual property than tangible goods and services. Such members do not have a vote but can serve on all Committees. Annual dues are $1600.
  • Government Memberships: Open to those individuals who are employed by a state, county or other governmental bodies which is actively engaged in the review, oversight, permitting or inspection of persons involved in the construction industry. Such members do not have a vote and cannot serve in any capacity within the Association.


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Who we are

The HCCA (Heavy Construction Contractors Association) is a regional trade association representing over 170 member firms of the heavy construction trades. Founded in 1957 by a small group of sewer and water contractors, the HCCA has grown to a vital organization representing a cross-section of contractors, suppliers, professionals, and municipal members who share an interest in water, sewer, storm, and road construction, site engineering and development, construction materials, insurance, services, supplies and a host of other disciplines associated with the heavy construction value chain.

HCCA’s Public Action

HCCA serves as your liaison at the federal, state, and local levels. HCCA employs a lobbyist in Richmond – Dylan Bishop of KVCF – to represent our members on the state level at the General Assembly and with the state agencies (VDOT, DMV, State Corporation Commission). HCCA members have the opportunity to present a powerful voice in any area that impacts our members. This ranges from working toward increasing funding for infrastructure development, any legislative action that might have an impact on the industry and any rule or regulation from a state agency. HCCA also maintains an active relationship with the major county governments in Northern Virginia. HCCA is available to work on issues on behalf of our members or seek clarification of either existing or proposed rules or regulations. Membership in the organization is the means to activate this service as it arises in the normal course of business.

Safety and Industry Education

HCCA offers wide selection of training courses and certifications that are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese thanks to the HCCA Director of Safety and Training, Ari Henrique. Ari has 20+ years of industry experience and trains around 2,000 people annually. HCCA continues to be the largest certifier of VDOT Work Zone in Virginia. HCCA offers member pricing for training and can hold training at your office. Additionally, the HCCA Leadership Institute (HLI) is an 8-month program in which individuals undergo intensive public speaking training while traveling the industry and learning from industry professionals while also leading a community service project. In it’s 7 years of existence, HLI has been described as extremely helpful to grow public speaking skills and has completed more than $1,000,000 worth of community service projects.

Legislation and Regulations

The HCCA, through both our lobbyists in Richmond and our direct association with federal, state and municipal representatives and regulators we keep our membership well versed on matter of importance from those quarters that may very well impact on their businesses. This includes, but is certainly not limited to safety regulations, construction industry information, technological developments, new materials and services, legal requirements affecting employer/employee relations and a host of other germane subjects.

Your Involvement

Join this association of active, concerned business professionals who share your interest in the site development/ heavy construction industry. Add your voice to the initiatives coming from any one of the HCCA committees: Education,, Membership, Public & Municipal Relations, Safety, Infrastructrure Awards and Golf. Socially, our monthly dinner meetings are networking and educational seminars, and we also host golf and clay pigeon shoot tournaments, holiday parties, charitable 5K, special events and more to cultivate strong personal and business bonds among all HCCA members.