Heavy Construction Contractors Association

HCCA is positioned to be the primary representative for the Heavy Civil Construction industry in Virginia.    By working pro-actively, HCCA provides input on proposed legislation and regulations to promote a level playing field for all members.   By leveraging the power of the whole membership, we have a stronger voice together.

Every year the Virginia General Assembly, a wide variety of state regulators and local municipalities consider hundreds of legislative and regulatory issues that impact the vitality of the heavy construction industry.

HCCA will be more active than ever in the 2022-2023 General Assembly session.  We will be working with lawmakers to address the major challenges that our industry is facing, including:

  • Workforce challenges
  • Funding for Transportation and infrastructure projects
  • Project labor Agreement guidelines
  • Small and Disadvantaged Business requirements and regulations
  • Support free market business principles
  • Limitations / expansions of mitigation credits
  • And many more issues that have substantial and direct impact on HCCA’s members.

As an example of HCCA’s advocacy focus, our staff is tirelessly pursuing additional avenues to train and recruit workers for the construction industry.   Every one of HCCA’s members is facing the immense challenge of hiring enough workers to complete projects.  HCCA advocates for funding and support of programs that help attract workers into a construction careers, and provide on-going training and support to retain those workers.

Additionally, HCCA is endeavoring to maintain a strong level of funding for the infrastructure projects that our state desperately needs.   A holiday or repeal of the gas tax that is currently used to fund Virginia highway and transportation projects is being pushed by Virginia’s leaders.  The withdrawal of these funds will substantially adversely impact the entire state and would be a negative move for our industry and all Virginians.

The 2022 General Assembly session saw the introduction of legislation attempting to overturn Virginia’s “Right to Work” Statute.  While that legislation was defeated last year, we expect that it will be re-introduced, and HCCA will be ready to oppose that change once again.

HCCA’s Legislative Director, Executive Director and members of the DIG committee work tirelessly to identify potential and active legislation and represent our members’ interests accordingly.

HCCA issues for our members weekly Legislative Updates throughout the General Assembly session, as well as special updates during and after any Special Sessions that are called.

As an HCCA member, your voice will be heard in our advocacy efforts.  We welcome all to participate in the DIG committee and in our annual Legislative Day in Richmond.  If you have any specific concerns, please contact us and we can go to work for you!