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Safety Awards


The Safety Committee is now seeking nominations for the 2022 Safety Awards which are derived from you OSHA 300 Log for the Calendar Year 2021.  The HCCA Safety Committee will present the awards on April 20, 2022 at the HCCA Awards Dinner.These awards are powerful testaments to your company’s commitment to safety or individual employee’s commitment to the profession or accomplishments. HCCA takes Safety seriously, and we want to recognize the leaders among our membership.

Noted below are details that will help you complete the application.

  1. The contents of the OSHA 300A are very similar to what is required for the HCCA Safety Award Application – it won’t take more than 15 minutes to fill out the HCCA Safety Award Application.

  2. We are seeking applicants for six different categories of companies operations.The opportunity to be recognized is also divided according to size of company by man-hours worked or in Trucking Operations based on the Gross Vehicle Weight.The desire is to have like-sized companies compete for the awards.

  3. Please note we are actively seeking applications from our smaller members. Since it is likely our smaller members do not have a full-time safety professional, the members of the safety committee listed below, have offered to help complete the short applications either via phone or in person.All you have to do is ask for assistance.

  4. We are also seeking nominations for the Robert E. Woodward Memorial Safety Award for the career Safety Professional and the Safe Employee Award for individual acts or personal achievements from an individual employee.

  5. Applications are posted BELOW.

All information submitted to HCCA Safety Awards will be held in strict confidence.The Safety Committee members reviewing the applications have all pledged to keep information confidential.

2022 Safety Award Rules & Application

2022 Safe Employee Award Application

2022 Robert Woodward Award Application