Heavy Construction Contractors Association

Building a community for women in construction to engage, educate, and support each other to grow professionally. We will inspire the next generation while retaining and promoting women within the industry.


Nicole Siemsen, Chair (The Anderson Company)

Meghan Miniello, Board Liason (Luck Stone)

Liane Bollinger (HN Funkhouser)

Alicia Brooks (KCI)

Jenna Burum (The Anderson Company)

Miriam Pearson (SW Rodgers)

Maria Lepkowicz (Truist)

Kristy Black (Black Hydrovac)

Dashaun Coleman (Brothers Paving)

Denise Gilliam (Vulcan Materials)

Kristine Gwozdz (Lane Construction)

Elizabeth Krowne (Terra Site)

Debora Harvey (HCCA)

Ashley Hutson (HCCA)

Skylar Pierce (Shirley Contracting)

Jennifer Reyes (The Anderson Company)

Kristi Santee (WG Construction)

Mara Joseph (H2O Pipeworks)