Heavy Construction Contractors Association

Provides a forum to keep safety professionals aware of changes in rules and regulations in terms of safety practices for the safety professionals, insurance representatives, and those who provide PPE and other safety devices. Administers an annual safety awards program to highlight the exemplary safety achievements of the various elements of our membership. They also assess the need and usage for various safety training topics.


Todd Atkins, Co-Chair (Superior Paving)

Charlie Windle, Board Liaison (Luck Stone)

Glenn Kauffman (The Kauffman Group)

Luis Aleman (The Anderson Company)

Lawrence Todd (B&B Signal)

Mark Tyburski (Traffic Safety Supplies)

Jerry Teeler (Atlantic Contracting & Materials Co.)

Josh Brown (B&S Site)

Michael Trabucco (Shirley Contracting)

Chris Fox (B&S Site)

Jeff Stephens (City of Manassas)

Debora Havey (HCCA)

Ashley Hutson (HCCA)

Robby Oliff, Co-Chair (Total Development Solutions)

Mark Daniels (Virginia Paving Company)

Bruce Ordway (Mullen's Markings)

Garrett Greene (Lane Construction)

Sean Knick (Shirley Contracting)

Rob Brown (Virginia Silt Services)

Amanda Keaton (Shirley Contracting)

Jeffrey Edwards (William A. Hazel)

Frankie Cedillos (Allan Myers)

Bob Myers (Allan Myers)

Wayne Sher (Independence Excavating)

Eric Bray (Allan Myers)

Pete Follansbee (Sandy Spring Bank)