Heavy Construction Contractors Association

Leads HCCA’s political engagement by keeping local and state entities informed on legislative issues that could affect the industry. Monitors and enhances a funding stream to support HCCA’s legislative consultants, so the association can continue having a meaningful impact on legislative matters affecting membership.


David Branscome, Jr., Co-Chair (Branscome Paving Co.)

Justin Campbell, Co-Chair (Branch Civil)

David Yergin-Doniger(WG Construction)

David White (Superior Paving)

Greg Smith (Shirley Contracting)

Jonathan Wright (Watt Teider)

TJ Rodgers (SW Rodgers)

Rob McKeever (Virginia Paving)

Dennis Showalter (Insight)

Jeff Kauffman, (The Kauffman Group)

Debora Harvey (HCCA)

Ed Dalrymple (Chemung Contracting)

Ashley Hutson (HCCA)

Kelly McGee (McGee Heavy Civil)

Jim Krieder (Branch Civil)

Tom Marable (Van Metre Homes)