Heavy Construction Contractors Association
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Who We Are

The Heavy Construction Contractors Association (HCCA) is a Northern Virginia-based, regional, and independent construction trade association.  The HCCA represents underground utility contractors, site-developers, heavy construction trucking operations, construction products and goods distributors, construction focused professional firms, municipal public works departments, and other heavy construction interests in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. Area.

The HCCA was founded in 1957 by a group of heavy construction company owners who were interested in uniting together in an effort to fight restrictive work and permit requirements by competing trade groups on underground utility work.  At the time of its founding, plumbing technical and specifying groups were using restrictive permitting procedures to block heavy construction contractors from connecting to home dwellings and commercial buildings. These restrictive codes blocked utility construction firms from competing for site-work projects. The founding fathers of the HCCA banded together and worked hard to overcome these restrictive road-blocks. The HCCA founding fathers started a tradition of fighting restrictive laws, rules, and regulations on the heavy construction industry. This tradition of fighting to protect the viability of the heavy construction industry continues today.

The HCCA works with its industry partners to improve the safety of underground utility work in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  We are an active member of the “Miss Utility “ process. We hold a seat on the State Corporation Commission’s “Miss Utility Advisory Committee.” This group of industry individuals is charged by the Virginia General Assembly with reviewing all pipeline accidents in an effort to punish safety violators and provide for training and education for those firm’s who violate the law.

The HCCA works to protect our industry’s interests in the Virginia General Assembly. We employ a lobbyist in Virginia to keep track of important industry legislation during the General Assembly Session. We also have a state Political Action Committee (PAC) that supports industry-friendly candidates in the House of Delegates and the Senate.

The HCCA works with local Northern Virginia jurisdictions to ensure that the interests of the heavy construction industry are protected and preserved from competing environmental and anti-growth groups.

The HCCA works with the community to provide free in-kind work to non-profit and charitable organizations.  We provide college scholarships to deserving high school seniors who are seeking a college education. We raise money through fund-raising projects that aid local charitable organizations in their mission to bring comfort to those in need of help.

The HCCA benefits its members by providing a conduit to learn important construction information. The association holds a construction exposition and rodeo for members to show their products and services. We hold monthly membership dinner meetings and other events in an effort to keep our members informed on current industry-related issues. We also hold social events that allow our members to interact and network in a casual setting.

In short, Our members continue to build Northern Virginia into one of the most affluent, and influential areas in the United States. We take great pride in our role as developers and infrastructure-builders. We work to build a better place to live for the people of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. We hope that you will take time to visit our website and learn more about who we are and what we believe is vital for the continued prosperity of our area.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Visit With Us.