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HCCA Leadership Institute


HLI is a program designed to be an annual, prestigious, program that provides experiential leadership development through the expertise of construction industry leaders and community service.

Each HLI class will meet once a month for approximately 4-hours, from October through May, to work through a curriculum that includes: Leadership and Management Skills; Budgeting, Profit, Loss, and Managerial Accounting; Construction Law, Ethics and Human Resource Management; Communication Skills; Equipment, Safety, and Safety Regulations; Types of Development and Project Delivery; Field Trips; Case Studies and Business Book Discussions.

The class will also work together to complete a community service project, selected by the HLI Community Service Project Committee. Applications for HLI Class of 2020 are due by October 1, 2020.

The class size is limited to 10 participants; acceptance into the class is based on achieving the best class dynamic of business owners, mid-senior level management, established leaders, emerging leaders, and representatives from VDOT and local authorities.

An HLI Selection Committee will review all applications and build the best class based on the applicant pool. Applications, informational material, and additional information are available by contacting the HCCA office.

Tuition is $1,500, which covers class expenses. Any employee of an HCCA member firm, who is interested, is encouraged to apply.


Click Here for more information and to apply.