Heavy Construction Contractors Association
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9251 Industrial Court, 201
Manassas, VA  20109
(703) 392-7410
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Payne's Parking Designs, Inc.

5313 Ritchie Road
Bealeton, VA 22712
Phone: 540-439-8513   Fax: 540-439-9285

Voting Member: Steven Payne

Alternate Member 1: Scott Merriman


Public and Private Sector
Pavement Marking Installation - All Types
Pavement Marking Removal
Pavement Marker Installation
Asphalt Rumble Strips
Construction and Regulatory Sign Fabrication and Installation
Traffic Control Services and Supplies (Includes Emergency Response)
Regenerative Sweeper/Vacuum - High-Side Dump (Includes Emergency Response)
Concrete and Rubber Wheel Stops