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State/Municipality Alerts



Manufactured Treatment Devices Approved for Use in Fairfax County (9/22/17)

2017 Supplement to the 2016 VDOT Road and Bridge Specifications (5/23/17)

New Technical Bulletin: Policy on the consideration of paved materials to construct trails in lieu of stone dust or natural surfaces (05/19/17)

Loudoun Water has made one or more changes to the Engineering Design Manual, Appendix G (02/21/17)

Understanding OSHA's Silica Rule and its Impace on the Asphalt Pavement Road Construction Industry (02/16/17)

CD/IIM Cross Reference Chart (10/3/16)

Fairfax County Revised Stormwater Pro Rata Share Assessment Rate and Credit (07/11/16)

Fairfax County Relocation of Submitting Engineer Bins (06/06/16)

Loudoun Water Fire Protection Permit Change (02/14/16)

January 2016 Building Division Data (02/14/16)

Fairfax County Submitting Revisions for Residential Site-Related Plans (01/29/16)

Fairfax County Conservation Plans for Projects Using Offsite Nutrient Credits (12/07/15)

Fairfax County Concurrent Review Process for Infill Grading Plans with Geotechnical Reports Effective (10/27/15)

Fairfax County  Concurrent Review Process for Infill Grading Plans with Individual On-site Sewage Systems (New 10/21/15)

Fairfax County - Demonstration of the Applications Acceptance Portion of the Electronic Submission And Review Process for Zoning Applications (New 10/14/15)

Fairfax County - Fall Nominations Being Accepted for 2015 Land Conservation Awards (New 09/11/15)

Fairfax County - Letter to Industry - New Stormwater Pro Rata Share Requirements Take Effect July 1, 2015 (New 06/30/15)

Fairfax County - Letter to Industry - New Technical Bulletin: Stormwater Management Ordinance - Nutrient Credit Applicability for Grandfathered Plans (New 5/29/15)

Fairfax County - Letter to Industry - Use of Certain BMPs (NEW 04/10/15)

Fairfax County - Letter to Industry - Rough Grading Plans - Stormwater Management Ordinance Compliance (NEW 04/10/15)

Fairfax County - Feedback on the Permitting and Land Development Process

Fairfax County Announces Bill Hicks, New Director Land Development Services

Project Completion Checkist for Developers

Fall Nominations Being Accepted for 2014 Land Conservation Awards

Stormwater Management Ordinance Guidelines for Implementation, Part 2

When a Building is Required for Retaining Walls

Stormwater Management Plan Completeness Checklist

Fairfax County Stormwater Management Ordinance Website