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Memorial Trust


Sidney R. Johnston
President of the HCCA 1959-1962

Each year the Sidney R. Johnston Memorial Trust, established in 1980 and named for the late President of the HCCA from 1959 to 1962, awards two or more scholarships of $2000 per year to each deserving students.

The trust, supported over the years through direct and indirect donations of HCCA members, has awarded over $230,000.  This money has made it easier for over 50 students to pursue their dream of the future.

The HCCA supports the work of the Trust by holding an annual holiday party raffle.


The Trustees of the Sidney R. Johnston Memorial Trust are as follows:

Ron White - Chair

(Superior Paving)

Kurt Rodgers

(S. W. Rodgers Company, Inc.)

Steve Rodgers
(S. W. Rodgers Company, Inc.)

Jim Mitchell

(Superior Paving)

Ken Garrison
Trust Administrator

Dave Speed

(William. A. Hazel)



David White

(Superior Paving)